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Diamond Jewelry: Engagement Rings, Tennis Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces

Diamonds are forever associated with engagement and marriage in our culture. It's hard to find anyone wearing an engagement ring without a diamond these days. However, diamonds also come in many other beautiful jewelry designs, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. All of these are ideal gifts for any important woman in your life.

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Diamond Engagement RingEngagement rings. Pledging marriage with a ring is an ancient tradition dating back many centuries. The first engagement rings were simple iron, gold, or silver–whatever the buyer could afford. Nobles often used gems, but usually not diamonds–these were not seen as highly valuable until around the 13th century.

Diamonds are now almost always found in engagement rings. They are the toughest and most durable of all the gemstones, making them a perfect symbol of eternal love. Engagement ring diamonds vary in size from around 1/4 of a carat to 5 carats. Platinum is becoming more popular as a metal for the setting, because it's harder and more durable than gold and easier to maintain than silver.

A central diamond makes any ring look like an engagement ring. That's why large diamonds are not often used in non-engagement rings. However, small diamond chips are sometimes used in designs featuring other gems as the centerpiece in non-engagement rings.

Diamond EarringsDiamond earrings. Diamond earrings are often an appropriate gift to give a committed girlfriend in a serious relationship. While not as significant as an engagement ring, diamond earrings indicate commitment and are a perfect Valentine's Day gift. Because diamonds are so noticeable, a little goes a long way with diamond earrings–the most common are studs, which provide just a flash of fire as she turns her head. The most popular shapes for earrings are round brilliants and drop diamonds. The weight of the diamonds in earrings are typically given in total carat weight for both earrings put together. This means that in a pair of 1 carat stud earrings, each earring will be 1/2 carat.

Diamond NecklaceDiamond necklaces. These are ideal to give as anniversary or wedding gifts. Diamond necklaces come in many different styles–from a strand of diamond chips to a diamond pendant hung on a chain of silver or platinum. A popular contemporary design is a line of three brilliant-cut diamonds, possibly arranged from smallest to largest, hanging from a platinum or silver chain. A single diamond pendant is a more sophisticated and distinctive design than a strand of diamonds, focusing all attention on the single exquisite diamond in the simple chain. It also can be less expensive.

Diamond BraceletTennis bracelets. A tennis bracelet is a thin strand of diamonds arranged in a symmetrical pattern. The origin of the name comes from a 1987 incident where Chris Evert, a world champion in women's tennis, broke a thin diamond-strand bracelet she was wearing while playing a tennis match. The match was halted so that the scattered diamonds could be recovered. Since then, thin diamond bracelets had a new name–and a new popularity. A tennis bracelet makes an excellent anniversary, birthday, or holiday gift for a spouse.

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Diamonds are among the most exclusive and beautiful gems on the market–and a gift of diamonds is always appreciated. While diamond rings indicate a very specific situation and relationship, diamonds in other jewelry give you a great deal more latitude. No matter who you're shopping for, you're sure to find diamond jewelry in the right style.

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