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All About Birthstones - Birthstone Jewelry Colors Chart

Various BirthstonesWhen I was a little girl, I always wanted to be born in July. Why? July had a ruby for its birthstone. Rubies were red and oh-so pretty. Or perhaps April. Like my younger sister. April is the month that boasts a diamond as its gemstone - and you know what they say about diamonds. They are truly a girl's best friend.

Birthstones have an interesting history. Most sources agree that they got their start in the Middle East, where the sometimes powerful properties inherent in gemstones have long been acknowledged. Historians believe that the first written record of gemstones being used to symbolize something significant came from the Old Testament Book of Exodus. The breastplate of the High Priest, Aaron, had twelve gems, one for each of the tribes of Israel.

As time passed, gemstones became associated first with the Zodiac and then with the months of the year. The custom of wearing birthstones seems to have originated in Poland during the late Middle Ages or Early Renaissance.

Over the centuries - and throughout different lands, there have been different gemstones that have been set aside as birthstones. On August 12, 1912 the American National Retail Jewelers' Association decided on a list of birthstones for each month. They added to or changed the list according to what was most commercially viable, acccording to most reports, and not necessarily what was traditionally deemed the proper birthstone for that particular month. In 1938 the American Gem Society adopted the following list for usage among its members.

So, without further ado, here are the modern birthstones, listed by month and Zodiac sign.

Birthstone Charts and Color Lists

Birthstones by Month

JanuaryGarnetDark Red
MarchAquamarinePale Blue Green
MayEmeraldDeep Green
JuneMoonstone or
AugustPeridotLight Green
SeptemberSapphireDeep Blue
OctoberOpal or TourmalineMulticolor
NovemberTopaz or CitrineYellow
DecemberTurquoise, Blue Topaz
or Tanzanite

Birthstones by Zodiac Sign

Zodiac SignBirthstoneColor
AquariusGarnetDark Red
TaurusSapphireDeep Blue
CancerEmeraldDeep Green
LibraPeridotLight Green

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