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September Birthstone Sapphire

Sapphire Close UpThe birthstone for the month of September is the sapphire. Sapphires are similar in structure to the ruby, which is the birthstone for the month of July. Both of these luscious gems are a variety of the mineral corundum. In fact, sapphires exist in just about every color including yellow, black, white, orange, pink and brown. There are no red sapphires because red corundum gems are srictly known as rubies, as discussed on our July birth stone page.

The Ancient Persians called the sapphire a "Celestial Stone" because they believed the Earth rested upon a huge sapphire, which reflected its color and turned the sky blue. In Ancient Greece, the stone was special to the god Apollo and was worn by his worshipers at the Oracle of Delphi. The Hebrews made mention of the sapphire as being one of the gems on Aaron's Breastplate in the Book of Exodus.

Sapphire EarringsDuring the Middle Ages, sapphires were believed to represent the purity of the soul. Priests, who were supposed to remain celibate, wore them as a means of protection from "the temptations of the flesh." Kings, queens and other members of the upper nobility wore the gems in rings and brooches to keep them safe. This was supposed to keep these important personages safe from harm and free from envy. It was also believed that a sapphire would turn darker in color if the wearer was an unfaithful lover.

Sapphires are traditionally given as gifts for the 5th, 23rd and 45th wedding anniversaries. Of course, this beautiful gem is popular for many other occasions and is found in all different types of jewelry including rings, bracelets and pendants. Sapphires are found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Burma, Brazil and the United States. The biggest sapphire resource in the world is in Australia.

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