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November Birthstone Yellow Topaz and Citrine

Yellow TopazThe birthstone for the month of November is the yellow topaz. Topazes come in many other colors including orange, red, blue and green. The topaz comes from the Sanskrit word meaning "fire". The ancients used the gem to control heat. They believed that the topaz could cool boiling water. It was also thought that the gem could calm an angry spirit and cure a fever.

The topaz registers an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means it is relatively hard. It is composed of aluminum silicate fluoride hydroxide and associated with beryl, mica, quartz, tourmaline, cassiterite and fluorite, among other gems and minerals.

CitrineCitrine, the yellow variety of quartz, is considered an alternate birthstone for the month of November. This is because the yellow topaz is incredibly rare and often very expensive. The yellow citrine varies in color between shades of yellow and orange only. It is also very affordable even for the poor. The gem is believed to keep away evil forces and enemies. It is also supposed to maintain harmony in the home. Most consider the citrine to be a lucky gemstone, especially for those who are ruled by the planet Jupiter.

The gem, which rates a solid 7 on the Mohs scale, has been historically found in Spain, Scotland, France and Hungary. It can also be found in Uruguay and Brazil. The citrine also exists as a man-made entity which adds to its affordability and availability for all.

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