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July Birthstone Ruby

RubyThe ruby is a rich, red color. Its name is derived from the Latin, "ruber", meaning red. The ruby is a variety of the mineral, Corundum. Corundum is a hard mineral, only diamonds rank higher on the Mohs scale, which is used to measure hardness. In other colors, Corundum crystals are considered sapphires. Rubies range in hues from orange-red to purple-red. The purer in red color they are, the more prized they are. The red in a ruby is derived from the element chromium.

Rubies can be found the world over. The best samples of these gemstones hail from Mogok Valley in Burma. Other beautiful ruby specimens can be found in Thailand, India, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Kampuchea, and part of the United States, however.

Ruby mining dates back two and a half millennia. This makes the ruby an ancient gemstone. It's even mentioned in the Bible. For example, in the Book of Exodus, a ruby, which was referred to as the sardius at the time, appeared in Aaron's breastplate, along with other world-renowned gems.

The ruby's red glow, according to legends, comes from an internal - and eternal - flame. This makes the ruby a wonderful gift to give a loved one. It symbolizes the durability and everlasting nature of romantic, passionate love. In ancient societies, this gem was also believed to be a drop of blood from Mother Nature's very heart.

Ruby RingDuring the Middle Ages, people thought the gem would bring good health, guard against wicked thoughts as well as amorous desires and pursuits. Rubies were just one gemstone that was believed to cure bleeding. They were also thought to hold the power of prediction. If the gem darkened in color, this foretold misfortune, illness or death. Legend has it that Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's first wife, predicted her own troubles due to the darkening of her ruby.

In the modern era, the ruby has the distinction of being used to make up the first lasers. In fact, synthetic rubies are sometimes still employed for this very purpose. These same synthetics, which are created in laboratories, are often sold in jewelry at a much more affordable price.

The ruby is often used as an engagement alternative to the diamond. If worn on the left hand it's believed to bring the wearer good luck. It is, of course, the birthstone for July as well as the gift of choice for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

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